My need to help others on their way to change came spontaneous and without any plan. Searching for my own answers which would give my life meaning, I realized that my mission is transfer all of knowledge I collected over the years all over the world, to the people in these lands. That path wasn’t easy, but today I am happy and grateful that those experiences and knowledge are inspiration and motivation to many in their path to realize that in life, everything is possible. From unsatisfied and disappointed man who learned trough life almost exclusively to survive and adapt to others needs and standards, I came a long way. Thanks to that, today I have a chance to teach and incite many to step on their own path of change, and discover, within themselves, all those resources and potentials long asleep, that tHay need to live a happy and fulfilled life.


Siniša is an actor, writer and internationally recognized trainer of personal development. He is a leading personality on the field of motivation, modern leadership and applied spirituality. He is an author books of which almost all became automatically bestsellers. As someone who approaches everything thoroughly, he perfected himself on almost every continent, learning from the most prominent names and the most recognized experts, on all fields.

More than 20.000 people attended his lectures, workshops, trainings and seminars in last couple of years. His teachings help people to discover and apply the full potential of their own strengths on the way of their personal progress in career, love, finances, international relations, health…

He had opportunity to work with and learn from the biggest and the most recognized world authorities of our time, like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Brendon Burchard, Patricia Crane, Reed Tracy, Mabel Katz etc.

Today, he is one of the 12 teachers in the world who has the license to train other teachers.

Siniša is, today, extremely appreciated and respected by many great companies, so he had the opportunity to share his knowledge and skills with companies such as Microsoft, DM and Uni Credit Bank.

It is especially interesting that he is one of only two people ever who got their scholarships directly from Louise Hay herself. As such, in 2010 he became the first licensed coach of Heal Your Life program in this part of Europe. His seminars challenge the participants to gaze into unexpected depts. of their soul and to reveal, in themselves, the endless riches and beauty.