Total Motivation is unorthodox, exciting and modern
training organized by SU,
one of the greatest regional experts on personal development and one of the 12 trainers
in the whole world, who possess the license for training the new trainers for Heal Your Life
program based on methodology of Louise L. Hay.


The newest world research show that MOTIVATION is one of the fields that is primary for the modern man. Insufficient energy is something that many recognize as their biggest obstacle. It is exactly because of insufficient motivation and energy on every level that it isn’t surprising that we cannot realize the desired results, to be focused, to find the meaning and to be satisfied and happy.


During these two incredible days, SV will introduce you to applicable skills, techniques and ideas that will move and inspire you, in a whole new way, to without a doubt, firmly with much more energy, will and enthusiasm step on a path of your excellence.

In an educational, fun and most of all practical way, gain knowledge that you can apply right now, in business and private life.

Those were all more than good enough reasons to create this comprehensive MOTIVATIONAL TRAINING, that is held once a year, based on the best and most inspiring trainings of this type in the world.


  • You will change the picture you have of yourself and your capabilities,
  • You will discover new ways and techniques to lift the level of your energy and motivation every day,
  • You will be motivated to realize the best results,
  • You will realize that you really can be included in every segment of your life, and all that without great effort and renunciation,
  • You will be more focused on realizing your goals,
  • You will have more will to endure,
  • You will learn how to move your inner strength,
  • You will have support on the way to success!

On the field of personal development and motivation, SINIŠA UBOVIĆ had the opportunity to learn from the greatest people of the generation, such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Brendon Burchard, Reed Tracy, Bruce Lipton, Carolina Miss, Gregg Braden.

Be part of this unbelievable event and unforgettable experience that will move, empower, motivate and fill you with incredible energy. Come to create something SPECIAL together! Be in the company of the ones for whom GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION!

TOTAL MOTIVATION training IS NOT intended for people who believe in overnight success, nor for the people who expect perfect results without effort, energy or dedication.

TOTAL MOTIVATION training is intended for people who are ready to learn, to achieve real result and to raise these results to a whole new level.




That is what people who crave motivation will have available once a year.