NIŠ / JUNE 12th / HOTEL NEW CITY / 18 – 21h

NOVI SAD / JUN 14th 2018. / STUDIO HIPOKRAT / 18 – 21h


Life is a constant change. Change is the only thing that is certain in life. Every moment is a possibility to change our habits, our routine, our destructive behavior, and our beliefs, our ideas of people, world and life.

It is often in our life that we feel that it is time to turn a ‘new page’ but we are not really aware what is it that is that needs to be changed. Also, we have a fear of change, because we don’t know what will happen if the start to change things. Sometimes we are afraid how will the changes we make influence the lives of people around us. There are moments in life that we know it is time for change, but we don’t know what the first and the right step that we need to make.

This workshop is designed to help you understand yourself and the moment you live in, no matter how it s, and to realize and understand yourself and your needs so you can easily, safely and bravely step on your path to change.

Process of life is, in essence, made of strings of changes that happen, with or without our will. Seconds, seasons, years change. We changes jobs, friends, partners, apartments. New people come into our life, while others leave. We go from one level of education to another.

If you take a look around you, you will notice that you today are the result of all the changes in your life.

For all those you want different results we created this practical guide for safe walk along the path of change.


  • How to recognize the true message brought by change,
  • How to safely step on the new path,
  • How to better understand yourself and what you believe, so you can go into the process of change with a dose of clarity,
  • How to deal with changes that come from outside and are beyond your influence,
  • How to realize your need for change,
  • How to give yourself support in that process,
  • How to find support on that path.

Before you is a practical experience workshop, with many exercises and concrete tools that will help you to easier and safely go along the path of understanding and most importantly solution.

The only way you can truly start living the life you deserve is to accept embrace and love the change as a part of life, because every moment is change and a new opportunity to take life into your own hands and start to build it and create it by your heart.


Next workshops:

Niš / June 12th 2018 / Hotel New City

Novi Sad / June 14th 2018 / Hipocrat Studio

Workshop price: 3000 RSD


You can apply via text message (first and last name, city, e-mail) to the phone number: 064 922 34 73