The newest book by Siniša Ubović which lived to see its new edition in record time, and became the most wanted manual for understanding and releasing pain.

12 lesions for healing the soul and reaching freedom.

‘You deserve a wonderful life by the lone fact that you are here and that the life is gifted to you for a good reason. You have a right to develop and blossom because that is the only true expression of your existence.’

Many carry their pain and feeling that someone disappointed or hurt them so persistently, that it almost became part of their identity and it is hard to give it up.

The book Stronger than pain will teach you how to close the doors of your past and slowly open the doors of new possibilities. Everything in your life can have double meaning. The point is to reveal your greatest fears, doubts and deep beliefs that do not serve you, and transform them into something constructive.


If the ‘Alchemist’ made you become aware of your personal legend, and the ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’ inspired you to realize your dreams and take your destiny into your own hands, than the novel ‘My Granny the Zen Buddhist’ is the book you mustn’t pass!

Trough the book ‘My Granny the Zen Buddhist’ Siniša continues to fascinate us with fantastic style, wisdom, as well as the knowledge of deepest human fears, dilemmas and challenges. A novel that follows the life of modern Belgrade man in moment when his life is falling apart and who, by incredible chance, in just a few days comes to new insights and opens the doors to the truth, to whom he listened too often, but whom he only now truly herd. Passing trough a turbulent emotional state, our hero of this fantastic novel fights with all kinds of questions about the meaning of life itself, with fear and uncertainty, but also with a will for knowledge and love.

Trough tears and laughter you will come to the answers for which you may have searched all your life. What is the life we live? What do we miss because, ‘there is not enough time’? And what is the most important thing in life? Why is it important to be here and now? When comes the point of reversal and who are our spiritual teachers? Find out here and now. It is time!


This is the first bestseller of Siniša Ubović, which for five years in a row arouses huge interest of the audience.

Nothing but benefit is, nor it is predestined to be our natural state, as much as it is hard to believe that right now. That is why one of the first lesions that is important to learn is, that all that we adopted or accepted we can also change. All that is just a thought and nothing is subject to change as much as a thought. It is not up to us to forever ask who and why has hurt us, or who and why transferred to us their beliefs of life and love. Up to us is to make the DECISION that all the things that led us to an undesired path just change by directing our attention to the opposite of the problem – we will watch towards the solution.

When we change our thoughts – we will change our life! And that is it.


Meditation is, although more and more present, still quite an unknown for many. Before you stands a book that will reveal, enlighten and explain this, certainly one of the most powerful techniques for achieving peace, stability and joy. Siniša Ubović, with his recognizable writing style, gives us an insight into his knowledge and experiences that helped him to practice meditation on everyday level as well as to experience an incredible transformation in his life. If you wish to master this great technique and you still think it is funny, hard or unclear, this is book that will give you a lot of useful answers after which meditation will be simple, accessible, and, most importantly, very useful.


Journal of change is a simple workbook intended to anyone who wishes to succeed in the different parts of life. With its specific and systematic structure, it will introduce you to a field of your individual life coaching. While you are doing your own exercises and assignments, you will gain incredible answers and insights, you will find out what is hindering you on your path of progress, and, most importantly, you will discover where the key to your personal success is. Siniša Ubović, by creating one journey of change, once again reminds us of importance of our personal development and proves that anyone can be happy, satisfied and successful if he works on himself. If you only made excuses by now, that it is hard and that you don’t know how, now the solution is closer than ever. Turn a new page of your life, and with the Journal of change prepare yourself to a meeting with the magnificent, unique and incredible part of yourself. Learn how to become your own best support and from now on, be your own life coach!

100% ME

This gives answers to some of the most important questions that torment the modern man. Some of those questions are: how to find happiness in a place where there is none, how to be calm when everything around us falls apart, what means to be happy, where to find strength and motive to continue on, how to release the pain, suffering and the burden of past, how to overcome the obstacles in communication, how to return and keep our energy, how to free oneself from pressure in all fields of life, and, maybe the most important one – how to find meaning in the meaningless times.

With abundance of everyday practical steps that absolutely anyone can take, this book changes the way you look at life and gives you the strength to connect yourself to your magnificence and remember the beauties of your being. Embrace your inter power and accept the fact that you are wonderful the way you are and that you deserve to love and be loved for one reason – because you exist.

Every one of us can come to the essence, to what you really are, to yourself, to your 100% ME. And there is only one step that separates the successful people from the ones that still aren’t, and that is the decision!


Thay say that during the day, we have from 50.000 to 70.000 thoughts. What is even more interesting is that most of them repeat from day to day. The quality of our thoughts determents the quality of our life. Believe it or not, this law is always abiding. We live what we think. We become what we think. It is very important that, from time to time, ask ourselves a question: do I like what I see in my life? If you are happy and satisfied with what you are – perfect, continue on. If, on the other hand, you believe that there are parts of your life that you still can improve, that you are not your perfect self, it is the right time to do something about that. If we accept the idea that our thoughts create our reality, what thoughts would be useful to have to live the life you believe you deserve to have and that is rightfully yours?

What are affirmations and how do thay work? I think of them as one of the most useful side tools on a path of creating a picture of your new, better and happier life. In fact, everything we say, declare, listen and think is affirmation. If we would pay attention to the words we speak the most, we would easily convince ourselves that we want what we say.